• How to Play:

You're a bactereophage!! A specialized and deadly virus that eats bacteria for breakfast. 

Save your fellow viruses, while you try to maintain your kin.

Aim and Click to destroy any enemy bacteria that tries to end your life cycle! But beware! Only the explosion of your shots are able to kill the enemies!

How far can you go?!

Don't forget to share your results and thoughts in the comments :)

  • Credits

The Jucas Company:

Game Concept by Bernardo BenitesEduardo Scheffler

Art, Sound FX,  Game Design & Game Balance by Bernardo Benites

Code & Game Balance by Eduardo Scheffler

  • Tools

Engine: Unity
Graphics: Adobe Suite
* Music: Royalty Free Music from Bensound - www.bensound.com

  • Version 1.1.0:

- Improvements in the collision with the enemies;
- Sound Effects implemented in the game (previously not working);
- Updated interface for the shots counter;
- Major code revision for bugs;
- Improved game balance;
- Target indicating the shot explosion landing is now working fine;

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