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Great game. 6:33 and 165 commands. The blind jump at the end got me. :( :(

Great game! 9:20 and 207 commands!

nice game! I got 222 commands in 10 minutes

This is a really clever idea! Although I thought the gameplay got somewhat tedius after a while. Maybe that's in part because I have difficulty telling left from right :) Also, seeing as this is in part a text-based game, I'd appreciate some kind of story to go with it.

How do u play this game i new this this games

Really great idea! The only way to make it better would be increased length and more command combinations like "jump shoot." Anyways, excellent job!

Thanks for the feedback! We hope you had fun during your play session!


Quite the challenge! The jumps were tough, but made it to the end

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Thanks for the feedback! We hope you had fun playing Type 'n Jump :)

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love this

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Thanks for the feedback! Don't forget to rate the game :)